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    Corporate News

    Entering the Uniasia Research Institute–Leading the new trend of sun protection with innovative research and development




    In a rapidly changing world, what is constant in a rapidly iterative product?With 30 years of unremitting innovation and research and development, Uniasia has given the answer.


    This time, we will take Meifubao Sunscreen Family, which is popular among consumers and has achieved good sales results, as an introduction to explore the past lives of Uniasia Sunscreen Research and Development.


    Specializing in sun protection for 22 years

    Innovation creates hard power.


    The sub-research team has been specializing in sun protection for 22 years. It has mastered three key technologies of sun protection through accumulated persistence and innovation: the key technology of full-band ultraviolet protection, the patented technology of non-irritating sun protection and the patented technology of solbooster sun protection and efficiency enhancement. The sub-research team applied the key technology innovation of sun protection to Meifubao sun protection, and shaped the hard strength of Meifubao sun protection. Thanks to consumers' love and reputation, Meifubao's sunscreen products have repeatedly achieved good sales results, and Meifubao's sunscreen powder tubes have sold a total of 48 million sunscreens. From 2013 to 2020, it won TOP1 of China Cosmetics News for eight consecutive years.



    At present, the latest technology used in Meifubao's sunscreen series is "broad-spectrum sunscreen technology", which has greatly improved its mildness, stability and efficacy. Therefore, the new sunscreen products, called "broad-spectrum light protection" products, won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of China Light Industry Federation and the Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Cosmetics Society in 2019, and the related technologies have also applied for patents. At present, five invention patents have been authorized. Promoting product development with differentiated technology is the future development direction of Uniasia sunscreen products.




    Focus on consumer demand.

    Create sunscreen products suitable for different scenes


    The reason why Uniasia can continuously introduce new products that are popular with consumers is that Uniasia has been building a digital experience of the whole life cycle. Uniasia's research team has been deeply involved in market research, facing the needs of users, seizing the opportunities of changes in consumption trends and developing products that meet the needs of consumers first.


    Since 2008, the research team of Uniasia has continuously improved the sunscreen product matrix to meet the sunscreen needs of consumers in different scenes. With unremitting innovation and research and development, it has built a sunscreen family in Meifubao, occupying a place in the sunscreen circuit. At present, Meifubao's sunscreen family includes small powder tubes, small gold tubes, small silver tubes, water thin sunscreen and light transparent thin sunscreen spray, etc., which can be used in many scenes. During the market research, the sub-research team found that consumers are in urgent need of a bottle of sunscreen products that can meet the needs of sunscreen and speckle at the same time. However, the superposition of sunscreen and spot-fading products will bring a great burden to the skin and affect the subsequent makeup. For consumers who want to satisfy both sun protection and spot fading, this is a sun protection problem that needs to be solved urgently.




    Aiming at this problem, the sub-team of the Uniasia quickly launched a research on the dual skin care needs of consumers, and after repeated research and testing by the expert team, it officially launched the "small gold tube" Meifubao whitening and isolating sunscreen SPF 50+PA+++ (speckle type) of Meifubao Sunscreen 3.0 series. Compared with the old products, it has been upgraded in the construction of sunscreen system, skin feeling and efficacy of products. First of all, the newly upgraded sunscreen products are all sunscreens with high safety, good stability and excellent efficacy, with reasonable collocation, taking into account UVA and UVB. Secondly, oil, emulsifier and skin feeling regulator are carefully selected, and the patented solbooster sunscreen synergistic technology is adopted to reduce the dosage of chemical sunscreen. Even if the sunscreen index is high, it is not greasy, so as to achieve a better product experience. Thirdly, solblock patented sunscreen technology can effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays and reduce the damage to skin compared with traditional sunscreen products.




    Mild, safe and effective

    It is still the eternal sun protection theme.


    Mr. Gong Shengzhao, Vice President of the Research Institute of Uniasia, said, "Mild, safe and effective" is still the eternal theme of sun protection. Besides, environmentally friendly, new "biological" sunscreens, special formulation technology and so on may be the future trends. Category, children's sun protection may be the focus of future sun protection. All the above topics have been followed up by Uniasia. Besides, Uniasia has good cooperation with well-known raw material suppliers at home and abroad, such as BASF, ASHLAND, SYMRISE, Tinci, Kos, etc. Next, the cooperation between Uniasia and raw material suppliers will be deeper, and new sunscreen raw materials that are milder, safer and more effective will be jointly developed, which will provide more support and possibility for the development of new sunscreen products of Uniasia.




    In the future, Uniasia R&D team will also focus on the pain points of sunscreen products such as efficacy, convenience, specificity and experience, deepen research and development, innovate technology, grasp raw materials, lead the new trend of sunscreen with innovative research and development, and promote the iterative development of beauty and care industry.