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    Corporate News

    "Six-oriented project" has been upgraded completely, and it has accelerated its innovation and development.




    2022 Annual Business Planning Seminar of Uniasia Group was held in Guangzhou during October 8-10, 2021.Hu Xingguo, Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, Wu Zhiming, President, Hu Genhua, Vice President, heads of various Departments and core backbones of Uniasia Group attended the seminar.




    "Persist in doing the right thing for a long time"


    Hu Genhua, Vice President of Uniasia Group, made an opening speech for the meeting. General Manager Hu pointed out that under the new background of the country's promotion of industrial rejuvenation, Uniasia should persist in doing the right thing for a long time. In this regard, General Manager Hu put forward two core viewpoints: First, all brands focus on positioning, and through market insight, data empowerment, R&D innovation, they should constantly specialize, refine and deepen their products, and build a brand moat with leading product strength; Second, at the time of the national tide, as a national enterprise, Uniasia should dig deep into Chinese traditional culture, express it with modern language, vision and design concepts, and create new marketing growth points.




    "Talent is the powerful right-hand man of the company"


    Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, said that Uniasia's 30-year development has accompanied and witnessed the development of China's cosmetics industry. Uniasia has created many firsts and laid a solid foundation in the past 30 years. The company provides a platform for everyone to display their talents and realize their dreams, and all Uniasia people have made Uniasia a success together. Chairman Hu emphasized that talents are the powerful right-hand man of the company, and a stronger team is needed to promote the enterprise's transformation and development after 30 years of re-starting.


    At present, under the market environment of China's new models, new formats and new technologies, China's cosmetics market has become the largest emerging market in the world. In the new era, a new starting point and a 30-year re-start, Uniasia, in a new round of market innovation competition, what attitude will it take to run out of the "acceleration" of enterprises? Uniasia Group will respond to and talk to a new era with a newly upgraded "Six-oriented project".




    "The Six-oriented project is the pillar of the future development of enterprises"


    Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of the group, summarized the development of Uniasia in the past 30 years and explained the newly upgraded "Six-oriented project". She pointed out that the newly upgraded Six-oriented project of Uniasia is an indispensable pillar of Uniasia's future development, and it is these pillars that have built a strong management and operation system of Uniasia.


    Different from previous annual business planning seminars, this conference specially added groups such as digital marketing and channel research, brand communication and public relations, organizational innovation, R&D innovation and development, to further explore the innovative development direction of enterprise management. President Wu said that the world is developing and the times are progressing.The new wave of consumption has set off huge waves in the industry, and the consumption transformation driven by the mobile Internet is pushing the rapid iteration of China's consumer market with an inestimable force. It is a particularly important issue for Uniasia to face challenges, innovate constantly and integrate resources to support the sustainable development of enterprises in the new round of competition when the business model and consumption scene are being redefined today.




    Meanwhile, this conference once again defined the corporate mission and goal of "making champion products and creating world famous brands" in Uniasia, and continued to carry forward the corporate spirit and culture of "diligence, sincerity and perseverance" in Uniasia, taking "product leading, efficiency+data double drive, direct access to users and global operation" as the strategic axis in 2022, and taking five major sectors as the business support (Meifubao-centered mass skin care, Frannic as the business support). Personal care centered on SEEYUONG, innovative business centered on international business, OEM and new brand incubation), and through the continuous optimization and upgrading of Six-oriented project (intensive research and development, intelligent manufacturing, management data, internationalization of talents, enterprise platform, and establishment of digital experience in the whole life cycle), it will guide the future development and enterprise management of Uniasia.


    During the three-day meeting process, the management and core backbone of each brand business center and each functional department, centering on the strategic axis of the Group and starting from a brand-new perspective, jointly discussed the future business model and innovative development direction of Uniasia under the new era background, and how to implement the Group strategy in the annual business plans of each center and each department in 2022.


    Time is not old, we are keep running and advancing. In the deepest imprint of each era, there are always the footprints of the strugglers. Over the past 30 years, countless Uniasia people have gone all out to stand up and forge ahead bravely in the rapid development and innovation of China's cosmetics market. Now 30-year-old Uniasia is in its prime, and is fully ready to start again, racing with the world through continuous inheritance and innovation, and running out of the "acceleration" of China's innovative development.