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    Corporate News

    Developing enterprises with science and technology, strengthening industries with talents-Uniasia Group was awarded the post-doctoral innovation center in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.




    On December 26, 2021, guided by the Chinese Science Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huangpu District, Guangzhou, sponsored by Guangdong Doctor Innovation and Development Promotion Association, and hosted by Guangzhou Doctor Information Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., the "Pilot· Value" 2021 Global Science and Technology Talent Innovation Conference and the 10th Jinbo Awards Finals Roadshow and award ceremony were held in Xiangxue International Apartment, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. Uniasia Group was invited to attend and was awarded the plaque of Postdoctoral Innovation Center in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.



    Accumulated scientific research strength


    Since its establishment in 1991, Uniasia Group has always attached great importance to the introduction of high-level talents and the cultivation of practical talents. A professional R&D team led by doctors and supplemented by masters has been set up.The research and development direction includes skin material research and development, formula research and development, basic application research, traditional Chinese medicine research, packaging creative design and development, consumer research and other fields.


    At present, through continuous innovation and painstaking research, Uniasia has obtained 125 authorized patents (as of December 27th, 2021), published 102 scientific and technological academic papers, obtained 35 scientific and technological achievements appraisal (including 2 international leading and 2 international advanced), won 26 scientific and technological progress awards marked by Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, 9 high-tech products, and published 2 cosmetics works.


    Deepening Industry-University-Research Union


    Uniasia Group has carried out close strategic cooperation with Beijing Technology and Business University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University and Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


    Uniasia Group has fully played the role of a bridge linking universities and enterprises, scientific research and production, and the integration and development of talents and projects through the cooperation mechanism of joint training of talents in Industry-University-Research, and has joined hands with universities to train a batch of compound talents who integrate practice and scientific research thinking, thus providing strong talent support and intellectual support for the high-quality development of Uniasia Group and China's cosmetics industry since 2020.


    Uniasia Group will take the post-doctoral innovation center as the carrier, implement the strategy of driving scientific and technological innovation, make full use of regional and industry advantages, deepen cooperation with Industry-University-Research, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, train the reserve army of scientific and technological talents in China's cosmetics industry with international competitiveness, and help Chinese national cosmetics go global in the future.