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    Corporate News

    Uniasia Group launched a brand-new LOGO, and the 30th anniversary of the brand-new start!




    2021 is the first year of the new period of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Standing at the historical intersection of the "Two One hundred years" struggle goals, China has entered a new era of building a strong socialist country, and China's cosmetics market has become the largest emerging market in the world.


    At the same time, Uniasia celebrated its 30th anniversary. Standing at a new starting point,Uniasia has once again defined the enterprise mission and goal of "Being a champion product and creating a world famous brand", and adhered to the enterprise spirit of "diligence, sincerity and perseverance". At the same time, it promoted the enterprise transformation and development by optimizing and upgrading the Six-oriented project.


    Uniasia, ready to go, expects to talk to a new era with a brand-new corporate image after 30 years of development and changes of the times. Therefore, launching a brand-new LOGO has become an important part of Uniasia's 30th anniversary. 


    The new LOGO carries a new image


    On the basis of inheriting the rigorous and rational genes of the original LOGO, the design of the brand-new LOGO of the enterprise incorporates the connotation of corporate culture, and adjusts and innovates the tone and font, so that the LOGO gets a new life in the evolution, highlights its youthful vitality and enhances its recognition.




    New LOGO conveys new connotation.


    The letter "U" stands for "Unite" unity and union, representing the past, present and future.Uniasia grows together with its employees and partners, and goes all the way.


    The letter "A" stands for "Again" to start again, which symbolizes the determination and courage Uniasia remain true to the original aspiration, not afraid of the future, and constantly expand the infinite possibilities.




    New design, new vitality of generate






    In the fast-developing and innovative Chinese cosmetics market, over the past 30 years, countless Uniasia people have gone all out to achieve the footprints of Uniasia step by step. Nowadays, launching a brand-new corporate image is not only a symbol change, but also an inheritance of the past and a prospect of the future, and it is also the beginning of a brand-new development stage for Uniasia.Uniasia is in its prime at the age of 30. Uniasia is fully ready to start again and rush to the next thirty years with a brand-new attitude.