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    Corporate News

    Uniasia will start again after 30 years: dream of the times, build the glory of domestic products


    Uniasia Group, which started in 1991, entered its prime of life at the age of 30 in 2021.


    In China's cosmetics industry, there are very few enterprises that can last as long as Uniasia Group for 30 years.“Standing at the age of 30", condensed behind these four words, is the struggle history of Do not forget your initiative mind, a generation of Uniasia people, the development history of an enterprise through hardships, and a vivid epitome of the continuous growth of China's cosmetics industry in the sun.


    Uniasia Group has been in the first echelon of local cosmetics industry in its 30' s, and has become a leading national enterprise representative in the industry.In the name of domestic products, shouldering the responsibility of the industry, Uniasia Group, which is in its prime, is speeding forward in a high-spirited manner, running out of the acceleration of the times and letting the world witness the beauty of China.


    Thirty years of hard work.

    Uniasia handed over a heavy answer sheet.


    It goes from small to brilliant. Thirty years is the distance from zero to flourishing of Uniasia Group.

    In the past 30 years, the brand camp of Uniasia Group has grown from a MEIFUBAO brand to a fleet of brands covering skin cleaning, hair care, body care, essential oils, make-up, etc. Looking back, the successful creation of this "fleet" has gone through too many important nodes: in 1999, the advent of MEIFUBAO brand enabled Uniasia to successfully transform from a distributor to a brand operator;  SEEYOUNG brand was born after fifteen years of intensive cultivation, which made Uniasia succeed in one fell swoop, from the skin care field to the cross-border care field. ......




     Therefore, in 2021, Uniasia has not only flagship armies such as MEIFUBAO, SEEYOUNG and FRANIC, but also cutting-edge forces represented by MOR, SEEKCLEAN, SKYNFUTURE, namely GITTAMY, VITA LIXIR, etc. The multi-brand matrix and category distribution are enough to highlight the brand strategy of precision, youthfulness and specialization, and clearly depict the multi-field development and international layout of a national enterprise.




    Over the past 30 years, Uniasia Group has woven a wide and in-depth sales network covering various retail channels. Uniasia has become an enterprise with industry-leading omni-channel operation experience after the successful extension from facial make-up line channel to daily chemical line channel. Today, Uniasia's sales network covers daily chemical franchise stores and beauty salons, supermarkets and personal care stores, department stores and online channels. The strong channel foundation has greatly enhanced the group brand's control over the market and channels, and laid a rich fertile ground for the brand's survival and development.


    Over the past 30 years, Uniasia Group has played a multi-level and all-round brand promotion strategy, and has successfully shaped an outstanding brand image again and again. From the traditional media era of "As soon as the advertisement was published, a lot of money flowed in." to the post-flow era when the content occupies the brand marketing highland, Uniasia has been closely following the pulse of the times and the market trend to formulate marketing strategies.




    Over the past 30 years, Uniasia Group has cultivated and precipitated an experienced and professional management team. In the rapid development and innovation of China's cosmetics market, countless Uniasia people have gone all out in the past 30 years to achieve the present Uniasia. The older generation of Uniasia people, represented by Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, and Wu Zhiqin, President of Uniasia Group, have dedicated their lives to Uniasia. The new generation of Uniasia people, represented by Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, is growing rapidly. Uniasia Group, which was established in its thirties, has a sunrise-like hope and future.


    Thirty years is both a leap and a beginning.At the new starting point of the year of standing, Uniasia will forge ahead, transform again, and meet the more intense international challenges with a new attitude.




    Take on the responsibility of leading domestic products

    Uniasia  is on the road of innovation and development.


    With the rise of China, the new generation of consumers with more national confidence are strengthening their recognition of local brands, which also provides a favorable environment for local brands to compete with foreign brands on the same stage.As a cosmetics company that follows the pulse of China's daily chemical industry and builds a national brand with ingenuity and pragmatism, Uniasia Group is standing at the forefront and marching towards the world.


    “Only what is national is Chinese, and it can go global, so Uniasia always insists on being its own national brand. Chinese cosmetics need our efforts. "Hu Xingguo's words are not only his heartfelt wishes, but also his determination to reshape the glory of domestic products. Uniasia Group has been developing scientific research, emphasizing quality, and constantly upgrading from management, R&D, production and other aspects for 30 years because it is shouldering the heavy responsibility of leading domestic products.




    In 2020, Uniasia started from a new dimension and vision, and put forward the "five-oriented project" of intensive R&D, intelligent manufacturing, digital management, internationalization of talents, and platform-based enterprises, so as to make a new interpretation of new business ideas of enterprises.This year, in order to stand out in the new round of market innovation competition, Uniasia changed with the trend, including "establishing the digital experience of the whole life cycle" in the enterprise strategy, and upgrading the "five-oriented project" to "six-oriented project".




    For an enterprise, the core competence can't be imitated, and the "Six-oriented project" is the core competitiveness of Uniasia, which is based in China and facing the world.Wu Zhiqing said that Uniasia's new upgraded Six-oriented project is an essential pillar for the future development of Uniasia, and precisely because they have built a strong management and operation system of Uniasiaa.


    At the R&D level, Uniasia plans to create a global innovation R&D platform and occupy the commanding heights of new technology R&D. At present Uniasia has two R&D centers in the world. China Headquarters Research Institute, established in 2007, is one of the largest cosmetic R&D centers in China, while Australia Research Institute, established in 2015, focuses on the innovation of forward-looking and basic technology research in the cosmetic industry.




    Not only that, Uniasia has long cooperated with Academician Sun Baoguo of Chinese Academy of Engineering to set up China Cosmetics Academician Workstation. This year, Dr. Mao Jianwen, who once worked for BASF, a fortune 500 company in the world, engaged in research and business management of beauty products and raw materials, joined Uniasia as the chief strategic consultant, and the group's scientific research force added another “Valiant general".It can be seen that from the key technical difficulties of cosmetics to the core and basic scientific research and development, Uniasia is constantly consolidating its own scientific research strength and striving to provide consumers with high-quality, high-efficiency, safe and environmentally-friendly beauty products.


    In addition, Uniasia also signed a strategic contract with Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute to promote quality development through Industry-University-Research cooperation. The combination of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute, which has technical advantages in product testing, and Uniasia, which has advantages in R&D, production and other industrial chains, has far-reaching significance in promoting the development and progress of Uniasia and even national cosmetics.




    The torrent of the times is rolling forward, and the market situation is unpredictable. Do not forget your initiative mind, the Uniasia Group, which is in it, bravely undertakes its mission and lets the world see the upward posture of Chinese cosmetics enterprises. Now 30-year-old Uniasia is in its prime, and is fully ready to start again, racing with the world through continuous inheritance and innovation, and running out of the "acceleration" of China's innovative development.


    (Source of manuscript: Cosmetics News)