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    Corporate News

    Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology went to Uniasia Group for investigation




    On the afternoon of August 20th, Wan Shuping, Director of Consumer Goods Division of Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Zhao Xingliang, Deputy Director of Equipment Industry Division of Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, etc. visited Uniasia Group. Wu Zhiqing, president of Uniasia Group, Chen Liang, vice president of manufacturing, and Li Li, secretary general of Guangdong Beauty Salon and Cosmetics Industry Association, accompanied in the investigation.


    The purpose of this survey is to further understand the development status of the cosmetics industry in Guangdong Province, understand the bottlenecks, difficulties and problems in the development of the industry, study policies and measures to promote the development of the cosmetics industry, and guide, encourage and support Guangdong cosmetics companies to take the road of quality and brand development.




    Director Wan Shuping and her entourage visited the Uniasia Beauty Cosmetics Museum and Enterprise Pavilion, and learned about Uniasia's production, research and development and brand operations through videos.




    At the meeting, Uniasia reported to the research team on the current development status of the cosmetics industry, the competitive landscape between national cosmetics brands and international brands, and the opportunities and challenges of Chinese cosmetics companies, and made some suggestions aiming at how to develop and expand the cosmetics industry in Guangdong Province and cultivate excellent national brands.