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    Corporate News

    Eleven Major Brands Dazzling CBE on Opening of Uniasia New Age


    On July 9, the 25th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition covers multiple categories such as makeup, perfume, skin care, personal care, professional beauty, etc., bringing together 3000+ exhibitors, omni-channel buyers and professional R&D technicians at home and abroad. Many industry media across the country gathered and witnessed the kicking off of a wonderful beauty industry feast.




    A multivariate matrix layout of new future


    The overall concept of the Uniasia Pavilion this year is exhibited in the form of a "brand collection store". The design of the pavilion is based on the modern "Technology Silver" and "Uniasia Blue" as the main colors. Eleven brands, namely, MEIFUBAO 1999, FRANIC, SEEYOUNG, AUSPERI, SEEKCLEAN, SKYNFUTURES, BLISPRING, GITTAMY, MOR, FACE IDEAS, Moina MOINA, each with their own characteristics and differentiated positioning, clearly outline the multi-brand matrix and international layout blueprint of Uniasia Group. Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, previously stated in an interview that Uniasia has rapidly launched a number of new brands since 2019, to interact with consumers in a more active and innovative way. Through these new brands with differentiated characteristics in the category market segments, they are closer to the life and consumption scenes of young consumers born in the 90s and 95s.



    While maintaining the steady development trend of the Group’s original classic brands, Uniasia is gradually improving and enriching its products, categories and brand matrix with the guiding ideology of “brand product line extension for core groups and coverage of new brands for potential groups”. At present, Uniasia's brands have covered skin care, fragrance and body care, wash care, make-up, personal care, general health and other fields.



    Wuhua(Five) Project to create a new ecology


    The theme of the Uniasia Pavilion is "Uniasia New Age", which means that Uniasia will explore new business models for future enterprise development from a brand-new dimension and vision, and focus on the five movements, namely, "intensification of research and development, intelligent manufacturing, digital management, international talent, and enterprise platformization", to make a new interpretation of the new business thinking of Uniasia in 2020. International leading R&D system, solid production and manufacturing power, full-cycle industrial Internet big data management and control platform, full-link marketing data chain that can quickly insight into consumer needs, overseas sales business and extensive talent pool covering 15 countries and regions around the world, all constitute Uniasia’s greatest wealth. In the future, Uniasia will continue to integrate global resources, to adhere to drive development by model innovation, to integrate global superior resources, and continue to deploy an omni-channel ecosystem. Today, Uniasia is not only a company, but also an efficient development platform that continuously incubates new technologies, new brands and new models. 




    Innovation and change leading new development


    Beginning with the acquisition of the Australian high-end fragrance care brand MOR in 2015, Uniasia’s internationalization strategy has already begun, laying a solid foundation for a deeper reach into the international market. In addition to MOR, two Australian brands were also exhibited at this exhibition, namely AUSPERI, a natural plant hair care brand and MOINA, which is positioned as a professional grape natural skin care. It is reported that with the help of the Australian factory and the international channels laid by MOR in the early stage, there will be more new Australian brands that are differently positioned and covering different categories to join the multi-brand matrix in the global layout of Uniasia.


    As a cosmetics company following the pulse of development of China's daily chemical industry, "innovation and reform" has become the main theme of Uniasia's corporate strategy. Through new channel retail, new brand incubation, and international industrial innovation, Uniasia's development model across multiple channels, multiple fields and multiple categories has become more stable. The exquisite products and many differentiated brands presented in this beauty expo are not only the embodiment of Uniasia's ingenuity and pragmatic management, but also the unique charm transformed by the embodiment of the corporate structure and philosophy.