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    Brand News

    Official certification! SEEYOUNG sets a new benchmark for scalp care


    Guangdong has an economic business card--"Guangdong Famous Brand", which represents a comprehensive brand evaluation of striving for international leadership, consumer trust and distinctive culture. Today (January 6, 2022), the awarding ceremony of the 2022 Second Brand Power Pioneer Forum and the press conference of "Guangdong Famous Brand" jointly sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Brand Power Pioneer Project, Guangdong Enterprise Brand Construction Promotion Association, Guangdong Radio and Television Station and other authoritative organizations was held in Guangzhou Yuexiu International Convention Center, and the well-known brand SEEYOUNG was one of the protagonists on the scene.





    Guangdong famous brands have been extensively discussed and evaluated by an expert think tank set up by Guangdong Enterprise Brand Building Promotion Association as an authoritative and professional selection, and senior experts, professors and representatives of leading brand enterprises have been invited to set up an evaluation committee.  The declaration process, evaluation standards and management measures have been worked out before the final decision is made after several rounds of seminars.





    How is SEEYOUNG recognized as a Guangdong brand with high brand awareness, recognition, reputation and loyalty, distinctive brand culture, remarkable economic benefits, good development prospects and social image?


    Quality is paramount and innovation is faithful.


    In this era, cosmetics ecology has shifted from price-driven to quality-driven. Take the lead in calling out the origin of the national brand of "silicone-free scalp care", adhere to the concept of healthy scalp care, and strive to bring a more natural, gentler and healthier care experience to more consumers who pursue quality life.


    The slogan is not just talk, scientific research strength has become the original driving force for SEEYOUNG to create high-quality products, and it has been recognized by many parties.Uniasia has obtained 116 majors, and SEEYOUNG brand has obtained 7 scientific and technological appraisal achievements, 5 scientific and technological progress awards and 5 high-tech products, forming a core product cluster with ginger peeling prevention, tea seed peeling and soapberry oil control as its efficacy and technical characteristics as of January 6, 2022.




    Under the new regulations, obtaining the special certificate of functional products is like getting the "admission ticket" in advance, while SEEYOUNG ginger, strong root and healthy hair series has obtained the special certificate of national cosmetics for anti-alopecia, which means SEEYOUNG has got the VIP "admission ticket" to enter the blue ocean market of anti-alopecia.


    However, SEEYOUNG always adheres to innovative ideas, strives for perfection, deeply cultivates the development trend of the industry and consumer demand, constantly upgrades R&D technology and product packaging, optimizes product quality from inside to outside, enhances consumer experience, and innovatively launches a series of fashionable explosive products such as amino acid bubble series, scalp energy essence series, and Shenacyl hair toughening series.






    High exposure and deep dialogue


    “Say the important thing three times". Repetition is a good way to deepen your impression. At present, in the era Even the scent of wine is afraid of the deep alley, as a brand, the best way for consumers to remember, besides its unique eye-catching features, is to repeatedly appear in front of them and have in-depth dialogue with them.


    And spreading scalp care knowledge and brand promotion is one of the things that SEEYOUNG spares no effort to do.SEEYOUNG has signed a number of celebrity spokespersons to bring goods and grass to help, and launched customized products of spokespersons to create trendy and eye-catching explosive items, so that fans can "A Vision Of Eternity” in order to make consumers accept passively and actively .In addition, SEEYOUNG also cooperated deeply with a number of first-line artists, and was sincerely recommended by many stars. Star popularity effectively promoted brand awareness and reputation.




    Not only that, SEEYOUNG also implanted the TV series "You Are My Destiny" in a fancy way, forming an exposure of 2 billion+magnitude; Appeared in popular variety shows such as "This is Originality", "This is Singing", "I'm Not a Star" and "My Close Friend is Beautiful" to effectively improve the brand volume; It has also won the Nelson excellence function innovation award, Fashion COSMO Annual Award, ADMEN Annual Practical Gold Case and other fashion awards.Tik Took, Little Red Book, We Chat, Weibo, and other major platforms will be put into use, and the head, waist and tail will be covered in all directions.




     SEEYOUNG has mastered every platform loved by the target audience from film and television to variety show to short video, realized all-round user operation, and deepened the brand concept into users' minds. It is reported that under the key words of anti-shedding, ginger shampoo, silicone oil-free shampoo, anti-shedding shampoo, etc., SEEYOUNG occupies the Top list.


    Always at the forefront of the trend, the live marketing outlet has never fallen, and many other head anchors and star artists have been combined to bring goods live, so as to achieve strong brand exposure and lead the double eleven and other e-commerce promotion.


    Customize the channel and play omni-channel marketing.


    With regard to the layout of channels, SEEYOUNG has grasped the characteristics of the Internet era and the status quo of the industry, and formulated clear channel strategies from online to offline.


     SEEYOUNG deeply cooperated with traditional e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD.COM and Vipshop, as well as interested e-commerce companies such as Tik Took and Aauto Quicker, and achieved outstanding results online. Among them, SEEYOUNG Ginger strong root and hair Shampoo won the Tmall Golden Makeup Award for three consecutive years, and the sales volume of Tmall Ginger Anti-off Shampoo ranked first; The source of Sapindus mukorossi refreshing oil control shampoo is also the number one sales volume of Tmall oil control shampoo. SEEYOUNG was successfully selected as the captain of # Shaking IN category day on the Tik Took, with double sales and daily sales of 530w+, occupying the NO.1 hair care brand in Tik Took.




    SEEYOUNG has laid out more than 25,000 offline outlets across the country, covering Watsons, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, China Resources and other channels offline, constantly covering new terminal retail channels, Sanfu, KK Pavilion, etc., creating a new retail model that integrates online and offline.


    It was named "Guangdong Famous Brand", which reflected the strong brand support of SEEYOUNG. This is both an affirmation of the past and the beginning of a responsibility for SEEYOUNG. SEEYOUNG will continue to optimize and upgrade next, live up to its mission, and further deepen the national brand image of providing consumers with quality products and service experiences.