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    Brand News

    Join Hands with the Top Celebrity Spokesperson! Meifubao Starts the First Battle of Sunscreen Marketing in 2021


    On March 5th, 2021, Meifubao officially announced that Yang Yang, a popular actor with tens of millions of fans, was the spokesperson of the brand's sunscreen


    After the announcement, the Weibo topic of #美膚寶全新防曬代言人#, #美膚寶防曬代言人楊洋#, and #自在向陽就愛曬#quickly gained fan attention and dissemination. As of the date of publication, the three major topics on Weibo have been viewed for 148 million times; Since the official announcement on March 5th, 500 million exposures have been harvested in less than two days, achieving a double harvest of voice volume and word-of-mouth. Behind the success, it profits from the strategic communication layout of Meifubao.



    1. Sunscreen "of truly high quality", setting out its marketing matrix


    Beauty brands and traffic stars have a highly overlapping "fan" base, and celebrity spokespersons with traffic have a high emotional resonance with young consumer groups. On this basis, celebrity spokespersons can quickly increase the popularity of the brand, establish close connections with brand users, and increase user stickiness. In terms of brand marketing strategy, celebrity spokespersons that fit the brand image can better demonstrate the premium of the brand.


    Originated from the Art Academy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army(Junyi), Yang Yang, known as the "Campus Beau of Junyi", was originally a dancer. He showed up prominently in the TV series "Dream of Red Mansions" as the adult Baoyu and entered the entertainment circle at the age of 17; In 2010, he won the "Best Newcomer Award" on the annual BQ Celebrity List with his performance in "Dream of Red Mansions". In 2014, he received widespread attention for his role as "Xu Yi" in the movie "Left Ear" and "Zhang Qiling" in the web drama "Time Raiders". He was awarded the "Most Media Influential Actor" and "The Most Followed Actor of the Year", etc. In February 2017, Yang Yang became the first star that enters the Madame Tussaud’s in Shanghai in 2017.




     With 52.9 million followers and 96 billion read volume of Chaohua topics on Weibo, Yang Yang, a popular actor who has become a masculine god among millions of young girls because of the popularity of film and television dramas such as "Love O2O", "Time Raiders", and "Tornado Girl". On the stage, he is a capable actor who presents excellent screen works to the audience; off the stage, he is a sunny and upright boy next door. Currently, Yang Yang, cordially referred to by netizens as one of the "Four Major Traffic", has nearly 20 endorsement brands, covering luxury brands, beauty, and automobiles, etc. According to the latest star consumer influence list, Yang Yang's consumer influence popularity index reached 77.28, and the effect index was 75.1.


    Towards top of screen step by step, Yang Yang, who conveys positive energy to the audience, hits it off with Meifubao, which specialized in R&D of products persistently for 22 years to provide meticulously crafted beauty products.


    Meifubao, inherited the wisdom of Chinese herbal skin nourishing, specialized in sun protection for 22 years, has non-irritating invention patents and key technology of full-bands anti-ultraviolet rays, and has won the Science and Technology Progress Award of China National Light Industry Council and the Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Light Industry Association. It is one of the few cosmetic brands that has won both of these awards at the same time. Meifubao has joined hands with Yang Yang, a sunscreen spokesperson for millions of fans, to pass on the concept of "being free to sun"“自在向陽就愛曬”to more consumers. Meifubao releases official promotional videos, posters and other information on Weibo and WeChat platforms to attract fans to follow the latest developments of spokespersons, continues to interact with fans, and convert spokesperson’s traffic into potential brand influence.


    As of the time of publication, the topic #美膚寶防曬代言人楊洋# has been viewed as much as 79.951 million times and discussed 1.002 million times; related #自在向陽就愛曬# has been viewed 77.529 million times and discussed 190,000 times. Since the official announcement on March 5, more than 500 million exposures have been harvested in less than two days, achieving a double harvest of voice volume and word of mouth.


    In addition to setting up "fan petting benefits" on Weibo and WeChat, Meifubao also creates fan peripherals, Yang Yang's exclusive customized KV, and TVC releasing; customized exclusive mini programs and game interactions to attract fans to participate, and use the fan economy to form a closed sales loop.


    2. Keeping up with consumer needs, Meifubao leads the domestic sunscreen market


    MeasureCommerce Shanghai used AI technology to obtain and analyze the year-on-year growth rate of the sales of various of sunscreen products from January to October 2020 and found that the effects of repairing, refreshing, whitening, and concealing are favored. Meifubao’s hot-selling small pink tube uses professional sunscreen technology to effectively resist photoaging and it integrates the eight effects of sunscreen, whitening, isolation, concealer, repair, waterproof, anti-perspiration, and anti-removal of makeup. Changing the traditional cumbersome makeup sequence, Meifubao's small pink tube meets the upgrading needs of urban commuting sunscreen and lazy people's sunscreen, helping consumer groups with "light makeup".




    With the emergence of skin problems such as mask muscles and sensitive muscles, sunscreen products are subdivided and the new concept of "skin-nourishing sunscreen" appears. Meifubao, which takes TCM nourishing skin as its core, absorbs the concept of "balanced conditioning", insists on combining the essence of TCM with modern beauty technology, and innovatively develops multi-functional, safe and skin-friendly sunscreen products.


    In 2021, Meifubao upgraded its anti-spot effect on the basis of the small pink tube, used "Golden Sunflower Yuyang Formula" to support skin care, and launched a multi-effect sunscreen product-3.0 new technology product "Small Golden Tube", creating the sun protection to a new height. The "Small Golden Tube" has been welcomed by consumers as soon as it is put into market, and the order quantity in the first month exceeded 100,000.




    Benefiting from the positive impact of the growth of the beauty and skin care market, the strong performance of online channels, and the stable supply of domestic brands, domestic sunscreen brands maintained rapid growth. According to Euromonitor statistics, Meifubao is the number one domestic sunscreen brand in China (data source: Euromonitor Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in the Chinese mainland market, based on the single-year retail channel sales in 2020. The survey will be completed in January 2021), this is also the third time that Meifubao has won this award.



    From 2013 to 2020, Meifubao has won the top 1 award in the sunscreen category of China's cosmetics sub-category rankings for eight consecutive years; the small pink tube has been accumulatively sold 48 million+ pieces for 13 consecutive years, ranking first in the Tmall sunscreen category for six consecutive years, and has won the Tmall Golden Makeup Award for several consecutive years.



    Meifubao and Yang Yang, the new spokesperson, will start the first battle of sunscreen marketing in 2021. In the future, Meifubao will continue to use hard-core products to present the oriental way of nourishing skin and lead the sunscreen track with strength.