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    Brand News

    Won the Blue Rose Award Again! A Good Job for Skynfuture


    The Most Growing Brand of the Year


    As a laboratory cosmetic brand of the Uniasia Group that focuses on ingredient-centric, the Skynfuture will focus on the young consumers of Generation Z in the future, adhere to the brand concept of "active ingredients + technological skin care", repeatedly test the formula and improve the core technology; it will bravely try new things with a forward-looking attitude to grow with the times and become the well-deserved "Most Growing Brand of the Year".


    "The Most Growing Brand of the Year"▲


    Persist in scientific research, come from the laboratory and be loyal to the laboratory


    The SkynFuture Joint Laboratory, established by our first-line R&D team and authoritative R&D institutions, has been cultivating product ingredients and formulas suitable for young ingredient-centric consumers who focus on ingredients. In addition, it is supported by a strong group scientific research team - Uniasia Research Institute, which is the foundation that SkynFuture can devote to the scientific research. But we did not stop there. In July of this year, the strategic cooperation with Symrise (China) and Symrise Paris Innovation and R&D Center once again opened the Skynfuture’s ingredient focusing research model to the Version 2.0 era.



    Never stop and upgrade the core technology


    Based on the blue light scenes of young people, Skynfuture developed the "Blue Friends" anti-blue light series products. The Blockblue™ anti-blue light technology used in it has always been the core technical advantage. It can form a dense blue light protection net for the skin, following the skin care principle of "circadian rhythm". The anti-blue light ingredient blumilight protects and repairs the blue light damage to the skin. However, Skynfuture still has higher expectations for this technical research. Participation in the formulation of the national standard for anti-blue light products of "GB/T 38120-2019 Technical Requirements for Light Health and Light Safety of Blue Light Protective Film" together with Symrise Group and joining hands in research and development cooperation on anti-blue light products, both show that the scientific research upgrades and creating excellent products brand continue to move forward and the persistence.



    Focusing on the ingredient-centric consumers, attention will be always paid to the young people


    Since its establishment, Skynfuture has always been a laboratory cosmetic brand based on young generation Z consumers with young and fashionable genes, and will provide exclusive and effective products for young consumers who pay attention to the effective ingredients of skin care products. The Skynfuture 377 stock solution developed with the active ingredient 377 as the core ingredient has entered the skin lightening market to meet the needs of young consumers who want bright skin.




    The product packaging adopts a plus sign to express the product's efficacy, follows the design concept of fashion trends, and integrates into the Z generation consumer group with a young and fashionable brand image. The second time of winning the Blue Rose Award for "The Most Growing Brand of the Year" also confirms the recognition and success of Skynfuture in the layout of "persisting in youthfulness".


    Blue Rose Award scene


    Finally, aim the camera at the awards scene to feel the atmosphere of the feast