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    Brand News

    Won the TOP Sunscreen Award of MEIYI Award! MEIFUBAO"s Professional Sunscreen Road


    The 24th China Beauty Expo (CBE) opened with glory, and everyone was looking forward to the annual MEIYI Award. This year’s MEIYI Award voting has accumulated 380,000+ online votes in just 20 days. The high popularity is the testimony of its gold content. After the layers of tests and rigorous selection of three expert organizations, namely, expert review panel of the China Beauty Expo Science and Technology Committee, the KOL category advisory group and the Internet celebrity group, the list is finally officially released.



    Tonight, the "Spring and Summer•2020 MEIYI Fashion Awards Ceremony" is crowned with glory. Among the many top-notch goods, is there your picked brand?


    In this industry festival, which can be called a fashion gathering place, a trend indicator, and a technology launch platform, Meifubao won the "2020 MEIYI Awards for Best Sunscreen Product in Skin Care" with its best-selling star single product - SPF50PA+++, Light Clear Isolation Sunscreen Lotion", proved the leading position of Meifubao in domestic sunscreen once again with its strength!



    Zhu Xiaohong, General Manager of Meifubao


    What's so special about star sunscreen?


    It was only launched in 2018. In just two years, this sunscreen lotion won by Meifubao has become a star sunscreen recommended by many celebrities and KOLs. The sales volume is also staying high without going down. It is reported that this sunscreen lotion has won the annual outdoor sunscreen product award at the 15th COSMO Beauty Awards before.



       There are so many sunscreens, why does this unique sunscreen lotion stand out and become a recommending product?



    In the past three years, the popularity of refreshing sunscreens has increased significantly. CBNData "Report" pointed out that in addition to the efficacy of use, consumers are also concerned about the texture of sunscreen products. Related keywords such as "sticky", "breathable", "heavy", "lightweight" and other sunscreen textures have been mentioned more than 20%. It can be seen that "no burden" sunscreen texture is increasingly favored by consumers.



    Traditional sunscreens are heavy and sticky. A product that both have high sun screening efficacy and refreshing lightness is the most demanding task for the outdoor sunscreens that needs to pay attention to. Effective and easy-to-use can add points to sunscreen.


    Specializing in sunscreen for 21 years, Meifubao has always been a domestic sunscreen. After laid a piece of land with its whitening and isolation sunscreen, Meifubao continued to enter the field of outdoor sunscreen, and SPF50PA+++, Light Clear Isolation Sunscreen Lotion, with the characteristics of being thin, clear, and transparent, quickly won the market opportunities and consumers' favor, Meifubao's R&D team adopts water-oil separation technology, which can make the skin feel light and moisturized, refreshing and comfortable.

    In addition, the sunscreen power of Meifubao’s SPF50PA+++, Light Clear Isolation Sunscreen Lotion cannot be underestimated. The full-band anti-ultraviolet technology can block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, and the sun protection lasts for up to 12.5 hours. It has become a cost-effective model with good sun screening strength. What's more worth mentioning is that Meifubao also has a non-irritating invention patented technology, which minimizes the skin irritation of sunscreen. Multi-plant moisturizing technology can also nourish the skin. It can protect the skin from blackening, sunburning and photoaging. Thus, it comprehensively solves the various concerns of consumers about sunscreen.


    How can Meifubao sunscreen be excellent and professional?


    Sunscreen has become one of the fastest-growing categories in the cosmetics market. According to relevant data, it is expected that in 2021, the sunscreen market will reach 8.236 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of about 8.27%. Precisely seeing the growth trend of the sunscreen market, Meifubao's determination to transform itself into professional sunscreen this year is extremely firm. The brand positioning has advanced from "Oriental Skin Nourishing Way" to "Professional Sunscreen". Meifubao has drastically changed from a traditional domestic brand to a sunny and confident young brand. It is due to the continuous accumulation in the sunscreen field for 21 years from extensive research to specialized focus.



    From the birth of the brand, after entering Tmall in 2011, Meifubao has occupied the No. 1 position in the sunscreen category on Tmall for 6 consecutive years and established a leading position in the sunscreen category. In addition, according to Euromonitor data, in 2017 and 2018, Meifubao also won the first prize of domestic sunscreen products. The gold content of this data is self-evident. In addition to receiving relevant awards from Tmall for its sunscreen products in 2015 and 2018, the label of sunscreen has been deeply embedded in the brand gene of Meifubao.



    In fact, the reason why Meifubao sunscreen can focus on the professional field is inseparable from its continuous innovation in sunscreen research and development technology. Since its establishment in 1999, Meifubao has been committed to the research and development of sunscreen products for 21 years. It has a number of sunscreen and skin care scientific research results such as non-irritating invention patents. So far, it has realized the upgrade of its sunscreen products from sunscreen 2.0 to sunscreen 3.0, through 360° full-spectrum protection technology, it can not only realize the UV protection of the normal sunscreen product, but can help resist the damage from visible light and infrared, and fully open the era of anti-photoaging. It is reported that the key sunscreen technology mastered by Meifubao has won the 2019 Science and Technology Progress Award by the China National Light Industry Council.


     As well versed in market development trends, winning the MEIYI Award this time is a great certification of Meifubao for its professionally focusing on sun protection for 21 years. Now Meifubao has ushered in the explosion of accumulation of brand power. We look forward to Meifubao can ride the wind and waves in the sunscreen field, not only being as an excellent domestic sunscreen brand, but also can go abroad to dominate the international market.