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    Brand News

    SEEYOUNG Signed a New Brand Image Spokesman Hyun-ah Kim to Create a Benchmark for Brand Youth


    On September 12, Uniasia's silicone-free scalp care brand SEEYOUNG announced the signing of Asia Top Stream Hyun-ah Kim as SEEYOUNG's brand new image spokesperson.


    Hyun-ah Kim, known as "Grass growing machine in the world" and "Wind vane for trends", has received much attention since her debut. She not only has super-high color value and stage performance charm, but also her unique fashion aesthetic has set off one wave after another of Hyun-ah Kim  fashion all over the world.

    SEEYOUNG X Hyun-ah Kim, when silicone-free scalp care meets "South Korean Mustang", what kinds of spark will it collides with?




    Hyun-ah Kim Announces First Chinese Shampoo Brand


    SEEYOUNG's share of the domestic shampoo market reached 31.5%* based on 2018 retail sales, which has become domestic shampoo NO.1, i.e. 3 out of every 10 bottles of shampoo are SEEYOUNG according to official data from Euro monitor international research. "The black horse in the Body & Hair industry" not only promotes the rapid development of the whole silicone oil-free category, but also further strengthens the position of scalp care industry leader. However, as a leading brand in the Body & Hair industry, SEEYOUNG still knows that the essence of traffic is the attention of users. To break through the current competitive Body & Hair market, raising the attention of the brand is equivalent to obtaining high popularity. "Traffic is king", SEEYOUNG knows how to leverage younger consumers of Generation Z to further realize the rejuvenation transformation. Signing up Asia's top traffic Hyun-ah Kim just proves this point.


    Since his debut, Hyun-ah Kim has set off a wave of pelvic dance imitation with her impeccable stage performance, independence and pursuit of personality beauty, whether it is her first single Change or Bubble Pop!  "The hit rate of the title hit MV has exceeded 100 million, becoming the first Korean singer to break the 100 million solo. Hyun-ah Kim, known as" Little Mustang ", is constantly refreshing our understanding. She won the “Gangnam Style" MV heroine, South Korea Golden Record Award for Best Dance Performance, Met Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance Individual Award. From this, we can see that Hyun-ah Kim's high popularity in Asia and its excellent singing and dancing ability coincide with the image of SEEYOUNG brand "Body & Hair the Fashion brand".


    Brand rejuvenation enables diversified social activities to open a new marketing era.


    2019 is a year when "Hyun-ah Kim Wind" will screen all major social networking platforms.


    Overnight, it seemed that Hyun-ah Kim's style spread throughout the fashion circle and entertainment circle. Not only did big-name stars love Hyun-ah Kim's makeup imitation, but they even used the Hyun-ah Kim style filter to take photos. Hyun-ah Kim, with its "hot search" constitution, has strong appeal and appeal to the new generation of consumers who pursue novelty and advocate individuality.  # Hyun-ah Kim's discussion on the same # micro blog reached 250 million +. Hyun-ah Kim's average daily search on Taobao exceeded 5,000,000 +, and the notes on Hyun-ah Kim's Little Red Riding Book reached 80,000+.




    Whether it is brand communication, terminal promotion or product marketing, a proper spokesperson can effectively open up the communication bridge between the brand and consumers and enhance the brand's influence in consumers' hearts. SEEYOUNG signed a contract with Hyun-ah Kim this time to empower the younger brand, promote the younger brand upgrade, create a younger brand image, and target the "Generation Z" crowd behind it. It is understood that SEEYOUNG has spent tens of millions of Yuan on advertising this time, laying out online social platforms such as WeChat, microblog, Tik Tok and Little Red Riding Book, linking spokesmen to make voice on microblog. Through friends circle advertising, Tik Tok challenge, multiple APP startup screens and microblog, WeChat, Tik Tok KOL, it has accurately launched and seized various communication matrices. More innovative-style concept of # Ice Cream Shampoo has been put forward, expressing blessings through interesting personality and strengthening audience stickiness. SEEYOUNG brand immediately set off the whole network and received reports from Tencent, Sina, Phoenix, TouTiao, fashion cosmo and other major well-known websites, opening a new marketing era with diversified social activities under the sound of "Top traffic" from Hyun-ah Kim.




    Creating Explosions, Hyun-ah Kim Customized Mousse Series Starts Worldwide


    CBN Data's "2018 China Cosmetic Consumer Trend Report" shows that the post-90s occupy half of the users interested in cosmetics, up to 52%. It is worth noting that the proportion of the post-00s is also gradually increasing, becoming the third largest group concerned with cosmetics, with the growth rate far higher than that of the post-80s and post-90s. How to quickly and effectively win the favor of a new generation of consumers? The answer given by SEEYOUNG, a non-silicone shampoo, is to sign their favorite "idol" (idol) as spokesperson and launch their favorite products, sharing the same topic with young people. SEEYOUNG not only signed Hyun-ah Kim with a large sum of money this time, but also aimed at the "Fan economy" under the new economic form of the Internet. It launched the "Hyun-ah Kim Customization" series of amino acid Mousse Series with limited global launch, which catered to the Z generation's pursuit of fashion and acceptance of "Good-looking, easy-to-use and fun" products.




    SEEYOUNG's "Hyun-ah Kim Customized" amino acid Mousse Series, which is the first of its kind in the world, continues SEEYOUNG's silicone oil-free and sulfate-free amino acid cleaning ingredients. It is mild in texture, natural and non-irritating. It uses the most luxurious foaming ingredients in the world. The cream is like "ice cream" in Mousse, delicate and dense. It can gently clean excess oil, reduce friction damage, protect delicate head skin, and allow scalp hair to enjoy skin-care level care. It also adopts the same style of Berlin girl and GOOD GIRL, which are the world's top brand high-definition fragrances, in line with the consumption trend and hair care troubles under the "lazy economy".


    Not only that, the "Hyun-ah Kim Customized" amino acid Mousse Series launched by SEEYOUNG has also opened up the ecological link of Ali's marketing and won 9.28 Tmall's big day every week. Whether it is to focus on popularity from the early stage of the network or to realize the flow conversion from online sales, SEEYOUNG's main hit "Hyun-ah Kim same ice cream shampoo" shows the publicity core of "focusing on consumers, paying more attention to consumer experience and creating fan participatory marketing". SEEYOUNG Tmall Flagship Store lucky draw, micro-panning and other activities to win star rights and benefits are refreshing the cognition of target users and achieving in-depth communication between brand concept and product characteristics and cognitive function selling points.





    The collision between SEEYOUNG and Hyun-ah Kim is highly sought after by young fashion people. SEEYOUNG is still actively looking for the real positioning of the brand among the younger generation of consumers and injecting infinite vitality into the brand with youth.