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    Brand News

    New Upgrade, New Transformation, Meifubao"s 20th Anniversary Leading New Oriental Aesthetics


    Twenty years ago, with the initial intention of "Exploring eastern treasures and seeking beauty and meaning", the Meifubao brand officially debuted.


    Twenty years later, Meifubao used science and technology to activate the beauty mystery of China's millennium eastern skin care method and realize the true "Eastern beauty".


    It is understood that in August, Meifubao has already held the 20th anniversary celebrations in Tai an, Shandong, and Hefei, Anhui. On September 9, the 20th anniversary of Meifubao's "I Raise My YOUNG" Brand Ceremony was ceremoniously held in Chengdu. On the scene of the grand ceremony, celebrities such as spokesperson Zhu Zhengting and SING women's troupe attended the grand ceremony in Starlight Glimmer. Meifubao unveiled a brand-new upgraded VI Logo and terminal store image, as well as a series of high-end skin care products Yuzhi Danqing. This move reveals to the outside world Meifubao's determination and mission to fight for the next 20 years.




    The one who wins the people wins the country


    Chinese traditional culture has attracted much attention in recent years. Whether it is poetry, songs, national treasures of the Forbidden City or Peking Opera, it has become a hot spot or even a trend. The return of traditional culture and the public's increasingly strong sense of identity with traditional culture also promote the rise of "National tide" to some extent. Nowadays, the "National tide" has become a hot favorite in the current consumer market.




    In such a lively "National tide" atmosphere, the Chinese brand Meifubao, whose mission is to "let women spread the beauty of the East", has celebrated its 20th birthday. Meifubao has successively held the 20th anniversary celebrations in Taian, Shandong, Hefei, Anhui and Chengdu, Sichuan, which shows the importance the brand attaches to the 20-year-old node.




    Indeed, 20 years, for a person, is the time of youth;  for a brand, after 20 years of changes, it is bound to meet new challenges and opportunities.



    Zhu Zhengting, sunlight collector in Meifubao


    The renewal and change of any industry cannot be separated from "people". There is no doubt that the post-00s and post-95s are the main consumption force of the new wave. Their cognitive ability, willingness to try new things and flaunt their personality and self are stronger than those of the post-70s and post-80s, which also urges them to consume a certain commodity from mass convergence to minority self.



    Meifubao Spokesman Mao Xiaotong


    How can we gain the trust of the present young consumers?  Only those who acquire the mind can acquire the world according to Meifubao .


    Only by understanding the mental needs of consumers can we find differences in product tastes. Then through the unique brand VI design, through the mental advertising language to impress consumers, let them resonate with the brand, and won the hearts of young consumers.



    Meifubao Spokesman SING Women's League


    VI Change from One to Two Different Consumer Promotion Strategies


    VI system is the first impression given by the enterprise brand to the outside world. It plays a vital role in spreading the management idea among the masses, establishing the popularity of the enterprise and shaping the image of the enterprise.


    Meifubao brand VI has been upgraded from a single VI to two new ones on the occasion of the 20th anniversary celebration. The intention is to focus on different consumer groups and add brands with different channels and promotion strategies. Meanwhile, the upgrade of brand VI is also part of the promotion of Meifubao's internationalization, rejuvenation and quality strategy.


    It is reported that the new VI will use the year of Meifubao's origin 1999 to highlight Meifubao's classic heritage and historical details in the field of skin care, which will be more mellow and full of flavor to pay tribute to the aesthetic tone of the traditional Chinese style in the East. Meanwhile, Meifubao will have three forms of Chinese Logo, English Logo and seal version in both Chinese and English to adapt to Meifubao, a classical Chinese brand, which represents the pace of New Oriental Aesthetics moving towards the international market and expresses its brand vision of becoming a traditional Chinese skin care brand "Time-honored Brand”.




    Another brand-new VI LOGO focuses on the younger generation of consumers, transforming the Meifubao LOGO into MFB. The colors are red and blue, blue from red in color, and the opposite color system is used to trace back the beauty of eastern inspiration changing the world, trying to find a breakthrough in the balance, so that the Chinese concept can nourish the skin, and the eastern inspiration can jump into the modern trend and have more fashionable aesthetic feeling.




    In addition, MFB will also launch a full set of customized product solutions in accordance with the needs of consumers. The channel is also the main online channel, and the product line will be completely separated from the original Meifubao. It can be said that this is a major measure to rejuvenate the Meifubao brand.


    With 20 years as a new starting point, Meifubao has not only upgraded its VI, but will also completely refresh its terminal counter image. The specific performance is: simplified and upgraded with Chinese color and Chinese style, and the counter image of Meifubao will be completely refreshed. Chinese red and jade white will be used as the overall tone for performance, making it more high-end and elegant with oriental aesthetic feeling, simple and fashionable without losing charm. Meanwhile, it combines the elements of Chinese traditional buildings such as the Forbidden City, gardens, window frames to be skillfully combined, and has the style of New Oriental aesthetics.




    It is reported that the first fully upgraded department store counter in Meifubao will be unveiled in Zhejiang Province this month.


    In addition, the brand will continuously upgrade and optimize its products, and accurately locate the target consumers with high-quality IP resources in accordance with the development plan of CS channel in Meifubao. This year, Meifubao launched a series of new products for moisturizing and nourishing water, which are customized for CS channel drainage. It will also launch a series of products with more service characteristics, such as light medicine and beauty, to empower store drainage in the future.


    Entering the high-end skin care market, Yuzhi Danqing series goes on sale.


    In March this year, French luxury goods giant Hermè s announced its entry into the cosmetics field and plans to officially launch its first cosmetics series in 2020. Later, Gucci, a luxury brand owned by kering, also officially announced that it would launch a new series of beauty cosmetics … All these big luxury brands have revealed a good market prospect for luxury beauty cosmetics.


    Chinese consumers contributed 32% of the global luxury market sales in 2017 according to statistics, and the growth rate of Chinese luxury consumption is three times that of the international average, which means that the importance of Chinese market in the luxury sector is accelerating.




    As a result, at the new starting point of the 20th anniversary, the high-end series of Meifubao Yuzhi Danqing's high-end series has also been officially launched. This series will take Chinese herbal medicine as the core of competition, and fully demonstrate court aesthetics from product inspiration, design package, ingredient ratio, flavor, etc.




    The series of products are inspired by the ancient formula Zizhi Pills, “Shengjizonglu” as per the relevant officials in Meifubao. Three nourishing herbs are carefully selected from more than 3,000 kinds of herbs: ginseng, dwarf lilyturf tuber and schisandra fruit, which are blended into Yuzhidan, a "Soul ingredient". The products can help skin's own mechanism circulation and normal metabolism, and smooth away traces of years. The product uses Micro-lock time micro-lock technology to manage the skin network structure in an orderly way, making the skin network structure more orderly and tight.




    It is reported that Yuzhi Danqing's high-end series includes 6 SKU's, including Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash, stretch toner, Concentrated essence, Firming lotion, Moisturizing Face Cream, Eye Cream, etc.


    The advent of Yuzhi Danqing symbolizes that Meifubao has begin to enter the high-end skin care market, and young consumers are also the main force of such products. Thus, at the product level, Meifubao is also closer to young people.




    Generally speaking, from the product level, Meifubao's upgrading direction will be more in pursuit of a moderate balance, advocating "First care, then nourishment";  meanwhile, pay attention to the coordination of multiple components, not just the "Component party"; in the extraction process, in order to ensure safety and effectiveness, modern science is used to extract effective components.


    As digging out more modern values from excellent traditional culture, paying attention to internal adjustment and external cultivation, mild safety and no stimulation in products, and paying attention to young fashion and New Oriental aesthetics in style. Standing at the new starting point of the 20th anniversary, just like Meifubao's latest personalized slogan of "Nurturing My Beauty", Meifubao is meeting the challenge with a more confident, calm and vigorous attitude.