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    Brand News

    Franic"s first brand ambassador takes office and all-around idol Guan Yue (Vento) shines with new products without water


    With the iterative renewal of consumers, the younger generation of brands is also accelerating today when Generation Z has become a "new consumer". Cross-border cooperation, star application, product innovation, social marketing and other innovative marketing methods emerge in endlessly, creating one successful case after another.


    As Franic, who has spared no effort to rejuvenate her brand, has also made new moves recently. On September 9, the Cenozoic vitality idol Guan Yue (Vento) formally joined the Franic, became its first brand ambassador. Meanwhile, the "Not add water" series of heavy new products of Franic are also on the market at the same time.




    On the road to rejuvenation, what new tricks is Franic going to play?


    Guan Yue (Vento) x Franic = Not add water


    As an important label of Franic, the imprint of "Not add water" is extreme from the product to the brand ambassador. The new brand ambassador Guan Yue (Vento) is no exception.


    The boy was born in 1994 in Chongqing, took part in the well-known competition "Go on, boys" in 2014 and won the national top six. He officially debuted as the captain of the group "Teenagers of the Twelve Stars “in 2017. He participated in the idol men's group competition and performed the formative reality show "Youth Has You", and became a member of the popular group UNINE with the fourth place in the country in 2019. In every appearance on the stage, Guan Yue (Vento) conquered the audience and won the applause with his singing and dancing.




    This attitude to face the dream and the stage is consistent with Franic's sincerity of not adding water to products and consumers.  In addition, as an all-round idol of the new generation, Guan Yue (Vento) has a high coincidence with the target consumer group on the road to rejuvenation of Franic. It is precisely this "coincidence" of multi-orientation and high agreement that allows the cooperation between the two Parties to follow the path and also allows the brand to get twice the result with half the effort when strengthening the "Not add water" mark.


    Mutual achievements can only be realized if they are compatible with each other in the choice of cooperation between brands and stars.


    Product innovation x value empowerment = rejuvenation²


    The rejuvenation of the brand is not only at the promotion level, the rejuvenation of the product is also a top priority in shaping the rejuvenation of the brand. Guan Yue (Vento), as the ambassador of the newly-promoted brand, along with the Aloe Protease Pore Management Series of Franic has made a new appearance. This series is aimed at young people who are deeply troubled by pore problems in accordance with introduction and combines 1 unique core component with 4 core key technologies to create an innovative solution for pore management.


    As we all know, large pores are gradually becoming the biggest skin problem perplexing young women. The causes of pore problems are complex, which are caused by 4 independent but far-reaching closed-loop links: excessive sebum secretion, pore expansion, waste cutin accumulation and barrier damage. How to solve the pore problem more efficiently, how to create a healthy skin state while solving the pore problem, and how to enhance the extreme skin care experience are the research and development objectives of the Aloe Protease Pore Management Series of Franic. In Franic's view, solving consumer needs and creating greater value for consumers are the core guidelines of brand in product development.


    The Aloe Protease Pore Management Series of Franic follows the concept of "Not add water" inherited from rose bud water, with aloe juice as the base and no extra drop of water added. Not add water as we all know, aloin is called “Doctor of nature world" and has many effects such as regulating immunity, repairing cells, resisting inflammation and oxidation.


    The water content of succulent aloe is as high as over 90%, and the flow rate of the extracted aloe juice is twice as fast as that of ordinary water when flowing along the tube wall in the human body, so that the effective components in the product can be rapidly absorbed, thus improving the efficacy; moreover, the aloe juice is rich in small molecular organic acid, small molecular sugar, amino acid and some trace elements, and has multiple effects of supplementing water, controlling oil and the like, high concentration, fast absorption, moistening, soothing and reaching the muscle bottom.




    Meanwhile, the series applies 4 core key technologies to effectively block the formation of closed loop links with coarse pores step by step. SymControl, for example, a patented oil control technology, can down-regulate the gene expression of COX-2, a major medium involved in sebum secretion. SYM CONTROL helps reduce inflammation caused by COX-2 by reducing the synthesis of inflammatory factor PGE2, controls oil secretion from the root, repairs skin, and smoothes pores and makes skin fresh and transparent.


    However, the pore convergence technology-witch hazel and AHA compound fruit acid can deeply regulate pore cell metabolism and centripetal tightening force, strengthen pore inner wall structure and target convergence. Meanwhile, there are many cutting-edge technologies, such as exfoliation technology PEELMOIST and soothing repair technology SymCalmin, which cooperate to carry out targeted treatment in 4 steps of exfoliation, convergence, oil control and soothing, thus solving the problem of large pores from the root.


    It is reported that this "Not add water" series includes 9 products: amino acid pore cleansing powder, aloe protease pore astringent water, aloe protease balance delicate moisture milk, aloe protease balance moisturizing gel cream, aloe protease balance repair essence, aloe protease light eye essence, aloe protease pore rejuvenation and cleansing liquid, blackhead removing astringent and firming nasal mask set, and aloe gel (condensed essence type). Satisfy all aspects of pore management and create healthy and delicate "Pore-free" skin in all directions. This series is updated in step with the brand ambassador of Franic, Guan Yue (Vento) with the blessing of innovative technology and star influence; I believe it will open a new breakthrough in the young skin care market with pore management.




    Grasp the advantage of core technology and use non-water products to make sustained efforts. Deep integration with brand ambassador Guan Yue (Vento), deepening the brand's young genes through marketing without adding water. The rejuvenation of the brand is not superficial. Franic knows that from the product to the marketing, only by taking steps and never adding water can the brand have lasting competitiveness and thus face fierce market challenges.