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    Brand News

    Three key factors for SEEYOUNG to win another international award based on marketing cases


    SEEYOUNG, with its special sponsorship of “This! Is singing, duet singing season”, a marketing case, that won the "Oscar in Advertising” Award.


    It is not fresh news to win an award when it has become the source of the brand leader of domestic Body & Hair in a few years. Excellent market performance and good user feedback are the reasons why they have won many awards. Most of these reasons come from the advantages of products.





    In fact, apart from unique product positioning, distinctive personality and excellent quality, SEEYOUNG is also a good marketer in marketing. Today (June 25), SEEYOUNG won the actual combat gold case of 2019 8th ADMEN International Award, which proves this point.


    The 2019 8th ADMEN International Award is jointly sponsored by the World Media Industry Association, International Brand Association (IBA) and Advertiser Culture Group as a commercial value award with a global vision. Creative Planet, Advertiser College and Advertiser Business Association are all implemented. The award is based on the development of global media and international evaluation indicators. It aims to sort out and record outstanding figures, representative enterprises and classic cases in the development of advertising industry in stages, set up industry models and establish references for industry development. It is quite authoritative in the field of advertising and marketing.


    And SEEYOUNG won the award, which is known as the "Oscar in the advertising industry," by virtue of its special sponsorship of "This!  Is singing, duet singing season“.




    What are the elements of a successful marketing? First, it greatly helps brand exposure, second, it accurately reaches the target consumer groups, and third, it has high sales conversion rate. Judging from the above marketing cases, SEEYOUNG undoubtedly achieved these points.


    Brand Exposure Exceeds Expectation


    “This! Is singing, duet singing season”, which originated from the large-scale plot CP music variety sponsored by the government since 2018. It has a strong sense of innovation in form, rearranges the classical solo songs and converts them into duet mode.


    Apart from its novel form, the variety show has great advantages in external draining and creating topics, which can be seen from the stars related to the show. It is understood that “This! Is singing, duet singing season”. Lu Han, Luo Zhixiang, Li Ronghao, Zhang Shaohan, Tao Zhe and other famous stars with a large number of fans joined as the main guests. These distinguished guests have different styles, which also makes the fan groups they cover more diverse.



    (Gao Jianing & Luo Rui, star student of Lu Han Team, call SEEYOUNG at the scene)


    The attention of the program has been greatly increased as many stars have joined in. SEEYOUNG has deeply integrated the products with the program, which obviously can expand the brand influence. Meanwhile, relying on these traffic stars, SEEYOUNG can reap a lot of economic benefits from harvesting fans.


    In fact, the actual dissemination effect of “This! Is singing, duet singing season” is much higher than the expectation of SEEYOUNG. According to statistics, the broadcast volume exceeded 100 million, and the broadcast volume finally exceeded 1.2 billion +,brand exposure reached about 1.02 billion +,and microblog reading reached 4.02 billion + within 3 hours after the first program was launched. This kind of data shows that the program is very popular and influential. For SEEYOUNG, it is obviously helpful to empower the brand value.


    In addition, the program belongs to Youku's blockbuster IP, which is Youku's exclusive broadcast in the entire network. The platform's strong communication strength can also help SEEYOUNG increase brand exposure.


     Focus on Generation Z population


    It is obvious that “This!  Is singing, duet singing season”, which is a program suitable for young people's aesthetic taste. The form is novel and fashionable, and the content is interesting, and the interaction is strong. It is easy to cause the topic among the young people. SEEYOUNG undoubtedly saw this.


    In fact, this is in line with the brand strategy of rejuvenating SEEYOUNG.


    Since its birth, SEEYOUNG has tried its best to get closer to young people in marketing, especially in the past two years. For example, in  last July, SEEYOUNG took part in the 16th Spring Season Awards Ceremony of the College Awards of the China University Advertising Art Festival in a high profile, and linked with 82% of the college students in nearly 800 colleges and universities across the country through lectures and the distribution of trial items.  In addition, it organized scalp care festival with Watsons to approach this group through interaction between traffic stars and young consumers.  This year, after joining hands with “This! Is singing, duet singing season”, it also sponsored another Music network synthesis, “This! Is the original ",whether the program form, content or guests, once again attracted the attention of a wide range of young people.



    (SEEYOUNG x Watsons scalp care festival duet season road show site)


    The aim of SEEYOUNG is to impress young consumers with fashionable, young and interesting content, and to reach in-depth communication with them on brand concept, product characteristics and cognitive function selling points. It is worth mentioning that the target consumer group of SEEYOUNG has greatly tilted to Generation Z, after all, this group is gradually stepping onto the mainstream consumer stage.


    According to a data up to now, the proportion of cosmetic consumers aged 18-24 has increased to 33%. Recognizing the source of this trend and introducing a large number of cognitive users have already promoted the purchase rate of SEEYOUNG by Generation Z.


    Channel sales increased significantly.


    How effective the marketing is depends on the sales performance.


    SEEYOUNG accounted for 31.5% of the domestic shampoo market in terms of retail sales in 2017 and 2018 in accordance with official data from Euromonitor international research , which is equivalent to 3 out of 10 bottles of shampoo are from SEEYOUNG, and which has become NO.1 for domestic shampoo.




    However,  SEEYOUNG once again ranked among Double 11's domestic products Body & Hair NO.1 with a sales of 164.8 million Yuan during the 2018 Tmall Double 11 Carnival, leading the list of domestic products Body & Hair for 3 consecutive years.



    (Origin of Double 11 Tmall Carnival in 2018, the SEEYOUNG Visits Canton Tower)


    On-line performance is outstanding while off-line performance is equally brilliant. It is understood that SEEYOUNG and Watsons have carried out in-depth cooperation for two consecutive years, and conducted scalp care festival road shows in many first-tier cities across the country. The radiation affected more than 1 million people. SEEYOUNG's single-store sales in Watsons increased 81 times in a single day, once again successfully setting a marketing model for joint manufacturers.


    It can be seen that the marketing measures launched by SEEYOUNG in the past two years have obvious practical effects. The reason is that SEEYOUNG not only pays attention to the maximization of brand exposure in its marketing, but also focuses on the accuracy of target groups. Meanwhile, it can also highlight the brand value and closely combine with its sales.


    Perhaps, this is SEEYOUNG's ace in the hole to win the ADMEN International Award.