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    Brand News

    Listen to music and apply facial mask! Meifubao ×SING Girl Group Electronic Guofeng Music Mask Festival Fresh Coming


    With the rapid development of economy, cultural origin has become the psychological appeal of contemporary people, and the charm of traditional culture has become increasingly apparent. "Guofeng" has become the next trend. It has become a style that young people are happy to use to show their own personality and create personal attribute labels. "Guofeng" is not only an aesthetic interest, but also a way of life for today's young audience.


    However, the rise of electronic Guofeng is a combination of Chinese and Western elements. The electronic Guofeng represented by "Electronic music + Chinese culture" is likely to be the next music trend. Audiences represented by young people such as "post-90s" and "post-00s" are constantly adding fuel to the development momentum of Guofeng music. In the five years from 2012 to 2017, the number of people covered by Guofeng Interest Circle increased 20 times in Station B.


    The Meifubao Spokesman SING Girl Group was fully created by the Qigu Culture under KuGou Music. It officially debuted on August 10, 2015. In 2017, it first launched the "Electronic Guofeng" route. It has successively released such hot singles as "Sending Bright Moon" and "Dreaming Order" to express the ancient connotation in a trendy way. In terms of lyrics, melody, choreography, modeling and creativity, it has formed a unique aesthetic, which has been dubbed by the media as the dazzling label of "Asia's first electronic Guofeng Girl Group".




    Fashionable young people like music, health care and skin care. For them, they need more fashionable skin care products with the special aesthetic feeling. Based on this, Meifubao and SING Girl Group will launch the "Electronic Guofeng Music Mask Festival" at the terminal in the midsummer of July. This is in line with the current young people's close attention to electronic Guofeng, so that young people can "taking care of skin while listening to music" and enjoy electronic Guofeng music while enjoying a more skin-nourishing mask experience.




    As the network becomes more and more popular and transparent, the penetration of traditional masks has entered a saturation stage, and innovative multi-step masks have seen higher growth. Compared with other types of facial masks, multi-step facial masks have the highest utilization rate in the morning. Moreover, young people's pursuit of the constituent party is also increasing day by day. In the sense of facial mask experience, efficacy + safety, gentleness and no stimulation are the key words pursued by young people. They urgently need better and more extreme facial mask products to meet the higher pursuit. 




    Is it possible to combine Guofeng with a multi-step mask? While adhering to the concept of "Balance, adjustment and nourishment", Meifubao organically combines traditional Chinese elements with modern skin care fashion. Meifubao and SING Girl Group launched the first new mask product with membrane-liquid separation-Meifubao Guofeng Anping Mask. Its outer package is a round fan design, which shows the fashion and beauty of the Guofeng. It contains three new products: ceramide moisturizing repair mask, nicotinamide light-sensitive skin mask and hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask. These three new products not only contain high-tech functional ingredients, but also contain traditional Chinese medicine beauty ingredients and natural lotus essence membrane cloth. 100% of them are derived from plants, which not only meet the requirements of the composition party but also take into account consumers who are pursuing natural and safe skin care. They are "unlocked" before use, and maintain the activity and purity of the essence solution to the maximum extent. The essence solution is 18 times * and injected into the skin once to keep the skin fresh and vigorous.


    In addition, Tencel Mask series-Collagen hydrating mask, Arbutin Brightening Mask and hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask have been the sales explosive products of Meifubao in the terminal. Meifubao has also comprehensively upgraded them and incorporated them into the series of Guofeng Mask Festival. The same aesthetic round fan design makes the fashion aesthetic feel natural, with five upgrades of fragrance type, skin nourishing, moisturizing, skin caring and packaging. It is equipped with the new Wilbride moisturizing technology, which combines the moisturizing of aqua and oil, and doubles the product efficacy. No alcohol addition, no parabens and formaldehyde releasing body preservatives, make the mask more skin friendly and safe. It is worth mentioning that these three facial masks are made of Tencel membrane material. 100% plant fiber is more environment-friendly and skin-friendly. It follows the principle of ecological balance, starts from the essence of heaven and earth, and finally degrades into purified water and carbon dioxide.




    Whether you want to play with young people, you must communicate with them in a language that conforms to their own. Especially for Z generation's pursuit of fun and good-looking new psychological characteristics, Meifubao's "Electronic Guofeng Music Mask Festival" has caught the trend of Guofeng Electronics. Linking with idols sought after by young people will surely trigger a new sales explosion at the terminal.