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    Brand News

    How does Watson"s single store achieve 8,000% increase in daily sales? How does this national brand of Body & Hair do it?


    SEEYOUNG won another award.


    The 2019 Watson's Health and Beauty Award (HWB) jointly created by Watson and fashion media "Jiaren" was successfully held in Guangzhou. Around the brand's annual theme of "Being yourself, beauty makes sense, Rule Your Own Beauty", this HWB passed on the beauty standard of this era-individuality on July 26.


    As the "Leader" of silicone-free scalp care and an important partner of Watson‘s, SEEYOUNG also participated in it and won many awards. As far as SEEYOUNG brand is concerned, it won the "Top Ten Brand Awards". As far as products are concerned, SEEYOUNG Qingning Maiden Washer won the "Grass Award". As the image spokesperson of SEEYOUNG products, Xing Zhaolin also won the "Annual fashion of Popular Award". This is a double harvest of strength and popularity.




    Why does SEEYOUNG make the list of HWB?


    It is well known that HWB is reputed as the "Oscar" in the domestic fashion and beauty industry. Its establishment is intended to reward the current industry's star brands and products and provide a stage for many outstanding brands and products that have achieved brilliant results and are favored by consumers. Thus, after fierce competition among many participating brands,it based on Watson's huge system and consumer basis, good brands and products with real strength and reputation can make the list and stand out.  


    There is no doubt that SEEYOUNG originated from the brand's birth, and has been leading the upsurge of silicone-free scalp care in China's Body & Hair market with breakthrough brand positioning of silicone-free scalp care, continuous upgrading and innovative product research and development technologies.


    SEEYOUNG's share of the domestic product Body & Hair market reached 31.5% in terms of the retail sales in 2017 and 2018, which has become NO.1 for domestic product Body & Hair according to official data from Euromonitor international research. In other words, in the category of shampoo, 3 out of every 10 bottles of shampoo are SEEYOUNG.




    Looking back, SEEYOUNG has been listed on the 2019HWB list. This is the Watson's "Top Ten Brand Awards" for four consecutive years since 2016. It is further recognized after the lapse of time and the consideration of consumers. This is due to SEEYOUNG's adherence to products, brands and quality.


    It is worth mentioning that this HWB list is Watson's combination of Watson's sales data, consumer votes, and KOL's recommendation of beauty makeup to select a more authoritative, influential, and reliable "national beauty makeup personal care list", which is bound to become a good guide for millions of consumers.


    In today's era of no shortage of brands and products, how to pay close attention to consumer demand and differentiated customization is very critical. The product concept of "color + fragrance" is proposed for the first time, which turns color into fragrance, and fragrance also has its own color for this year's new SEEYOUNG flower YOUNG series of refreshing fragrance shampoo for young girls.




    Its exclusive meaning is to be customized.


    It is an exclusive fragrance customized in accordance with Watson's consumers (mostly generation z) as Watson's exclusive refreshing shampoo for young girls. On the one hand, it tested, investigated and surveyed the aroma type in accordance with the characteristics of consumers of Generation Z, and finally determined the exclusive aroma type which is welcomed by Generation Z through cooperation with fragrance giant Firmenich. On the other hand, with the most IN Generation Z, the yellow is the main tone, and its youthful, bright and eye-catching tone is just as Generation Z likes strong personal style and has strong and rich self-awareness. As for the results? The "Grass Award" won by SEEYOUNG Qinning Maiden Body & Hair is a strong proof.


    It is not difficult to see that SEEYOUNG can stand out only with its excellent brand strength and product strength, plus its accurate insight into Generation Z consumers and customization. What is revealed behind this is consumers' recognition and affirmation of SEEYOUNG brand products.


    02 Good products are also afraid of deep alleys, and SEEYOUNG is bursting with brand strength.


    Just as the theme of this HWB conveys, SEEYOUNG, as a leader in silicone-free scalp care, has been doing its best to rely on brand strength and product strength. For this reason, it makes consumers' beauty traceable.


    Meanwhile, such beauty also needs influence and sound blessing. In addition to keeping up with the trend in products and aiming at Generation Z, SEEYOUNG has also maintained a consistent high-frequency style in marketing, making brand potential more explosive.




    From 2018, SEEYOUNG co-sponsored the first top-level duet drama Music network synthesis “This!  Is singing, duet singing season”, and then in February 2019 SEEYOUNG will join hands with Youku again in the first original musician competition growth show “This! Is the original” refers to the effective interaction with young people with the same original brand spirit, penetrating into the minds of consumers with expressions that young people love such as personality and fashion. It is reported that 8 national road shows will be held during the 2018 SEEYOUNG x Watson scalp care festival duet season, while 4 national road shows will continue to be held in 2019 during the original season of SEEYOUNG x Watson scalp care festival, resulting in a daily sales growth rate of over 8,000% in Watson's single store.




    Moreover, SEEYOUNG announced as early as 2017 that Xing Zhaolin, a rookie in the entertainment circle, was the spokesperson for the product. Whether it was Yueqi in "Legend of Chu Qiao" or Mo Liancheng, an Lord Bawang in "Dual concubines", Xing Zhaolin, with her talent and the efforts made by her, was demonstrating infinite potential, and her sense of youth could also help the brand fit the younger generation. Now, Xing Zhaolin has won the "Annual fashion of Popular Award", confirming SEEYOUNG's unique vision.





    Let fans' economy turn into practical effects, let younger people spread and interacts more deeply, and let SEEYOUNG potential go deeper and further on the road of brand rejuvenation. Meanwhile, SEEYOUNG should lead the Body & Hair market with ingenuity and safeguard the position of TOP1 for domestic products.


    We are looking forward to, and will also see, SEEYOUNG's new initiatives on the road leading the new fashion of brand Body & Hair.